Interested in working with Bruce? Here’s what other people have to say!

“Enjoyed working with Bruce and if I need service again I will contact him.”

– C. Drake

“He is a most superb man who carries those qualities into his work.”

“He was always courteous, friendly, knowledgeable & helpful. He got back to us fast, always answered calls.”

– Linda & Duane

“Very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. Always prompt with responding to inquiries.”

– J & W

“Bruce Kilmer has been totally professional in all aspects of this business.”

– Robert

“He did well in every aspect. I loved how promptly he returned calls and emails.”

– Rebecca

“Very good & pleasant.”

– T.

“He understood me well and hung in there until the right offer came through.”

“Very satisfied with Bruce. Would certainly recommend him.”

– Walter

“It was great working with Bruce. I love his cheerfulness and attention to detail.”

“Bruce worked hard and never gave up.”

– Don

“Great! Exactly what I Was hoping for. He’s the best.”

– Jay

“A true professional with prompt service.”

– Mark

“Couldn’t be happier working with Bruce. Couldn’t be more satisfied.”

– Steve