Selling Inherited Property

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If you have recently experienced the loss of a loved one and inherited real estate please read this very valuable information. Inheriting real estate is challenging and requires a knowledgeable, experienced, and trusted professional to guide you and provide the information you need.

  • What is my property really worth?
  • How good is the market?
  • Is there work I need to do before I can sell my property?
  • What documents and paperwork are necessary?

These are all questions that Bruce Kilmer can help you with. Bruce is a licensed real estate broker with over 25 years of experience in all types of real estate. Bruce works evenings, weekends, and makes house calls making the process easy for you. Please use the contact request boxes provided here and Bruce will be in touch with you shortly.

If you have inherited property and need to establish a value on the property you must first determine if a complete appraisal by a licensed appraiser is required or if your realtor can provide a brokers price opinion. The value and worth of your property is determined by its age and condition, location, size in square footage and acreage, and current real estate market conditions. Establishing an accurate value on the property is an important first step.

Your realtor has access to accurate up to date home sale data from the multiple listing service. Your realtor can answer questions such as how long it will typically take to sell a home or property if priced correctly, which price ranges are selling the best, and how your home or property stacks up with competing homes and properties.

Sometimes you will inherit property that has been vacant or not maintained for a period of time. A good thorough cleaning is a great place to begin. If you have a home or buildings you can hire a licensed home inspector to evaluate the homes overall structure, electrical, plumbing, and heating and cooling systems. If a property has been vacant it may have experienced lack of humidity control and mold may have occurred. It is recommended that you consult a trained and experienced professional on how to handle mold issues. If you are considering selling your inherited property ask your realtor for suggestions on what work should be done to improve the properties value and salability.

If you have inherited property you should first determine if you have clear title. You can accomplish this by hiring an attorney to research the properties title, have a title company perform a title search, or both. If you are considering selling your inherited property ensuring clear title is an important part of the process. Other questions about probate, title transfer, and condition of title require an attorney’s opinion.

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