Selling Farm Land

Selling Farm Land Now – Get Your Property Listed With Bruce Today!

If you have farming or agricultural land your first step is finding it’s real worth. You will also want to know what the selling process involves.

  • Gather documents from when you purchased or acquired the property.   Deeds, abstracts or title commitments, covenants and restrictions, survey maps of record.
  • Is my property professionally surveyed and why is a survey important?
  • Filling out a seller disclosure report to the best of your knowledge and ability to provide to prospective buyers.

Bruce Kilmer is a licensed real estate broker with over 25 years experience in all types of real estate including farming and agricultural land and will help answer all your questions. Bruce works evenings, weekends, and makes house calls to help make the process easy for you. Please use the contact request box provided below on this page and Bruce will be in touch with you shortly.

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